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Make a Plan for your Day!

What is your game plan for today? Having a plan and reaching those goals helps you set up for success and feeling good about your accomplishments! No goals, no plan, etc, can equal feelings of failure, sadness, and is completely unmotivating.

So, what is your plan?

Here's mine:

- Think about what i am grateful for -Get kiddos to school and ready for their day. - Healthy breakfast -Work on education for my business (always learning, and can always get better) - Workout=boot camp sweatfest (love it) - Protein shake - Learn more and more and more for my business - healthy lunch - meet with clients - get kiddos - healthy snack - serve others, provide helpful information, answer questions - meet with clients - healthy dinner - family walk - protein shake - relax and binge watch Netflix - what am I grateful for that happened today - get to sleep at a reasonable hour

All day drinking, ALL the water

Your turn!!! (doesn't have to be as specific)

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