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Baylin Testimonial

Awesome testimonial from my client Baylin Borin!! He works hard everyday and has overcome so much!!

Check this out:

“When I started with Lori September 21st 2021 I had very little weight training and or strength training experience. At the age of 27 I unfortunately was in a major life changing hit and run and then another serious non fault car accident four months later. My body was breaking down and I really had no clue. The soft tissue injuries were numerous and essentially untreated. Bulging herniated discs in my neck and back initially. Spread too my hips as well. Years passed and I had no idea of the true extent of my injuries. I initially discovered A. R. T. while living in Portland around 2007 or so but had no clue about any of this nor why my body was completely breaking down and I had no effective answers or treatments or advice.

I will just say this. The A. R. T. which stands for Active Release Technique and the combination of Lori’s strength training program has changed everything for me dramatically. I am completely dedicated too her and her game plan for me and we work in conjunction with the A. R. T. Headquarters and Dr. Matthew Spaur. This intertwined relationship with all of us together is what ultimately helps me tremendously. Without my team I would be a physical chronically pained individual but nowadays it’s not like that.

We started with just body weight and all I have done is improve across the board in all phases and I eventually went from two days a week to three in April and I am ecstatic that I did. Lori gets a pedestal from me because she is the epitome of what a trainer should be and demonstrate on a daily basis. I am beyond grateful and blessed too have such a caring and kind and effective trainer and coach to help me.

Thank you for everything as words would never truly do the justice that I know and feel for the situation. Humbled too say the least. Thank you Lori.”

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