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Lori Castellini is a life changer...I don’t say that lightly.

When I decided to give “going to the gym” a try I was terrified. I was over weight and so out of shape. I was coming out of a divorce and was trying to get myself back to myself.

I had no idea how much that Saturday class would impact my life.

I met Lori and her trainers and was invited into their world of personal fitness. It was such a safe space not just physically but also emotionally and mentally.

I received so much encouragement and support from her and her trainers that I signed up for at least one of each of her programs!

By the end of our time together I had made a friend and I had gained myself back. Not the same self but a better one. Strong in mind, body, and spirit!

If you’re wondering if Lori can help you, she can and it will be in ways you never imagined.

~ Lawana Schrieffer

Our family worked out with Lori for over a year. Besides being a very insightful and knowledgable trainer, Lori is personable and made every session go by in a blink of an eye. She always pushed us further towards our goals and challenged us to the edge of our comfort level. What impresses me about Lori was her ability to know our capabilities and know when we needed a bigger push. In working with Lori, we reached many of our goals. She truly cares about our success!”

~ Staci Scarborough

I first met Coach Lori at OTF at Northgate. She was a new coach and I was coming back from being out from a foot surgery. I knew right off the bat that she would be awesome. She motivated, checked in on me and had awesome energy. Fast forward... COVID-19 hit and she went online/social media. She was providing workouts and challenges and again, was amazing!! She’s always positive and uplifting and more importantly, she’s genuine. Thanks Lori!


~ Amy Ragsdale

I first met Lori through my school. You see I am a teacher and her son was joining my second grade class. I jokingly told him that I wanted to lose weight. He told me that his mom taught a class called Women on Weights. I giggled and thought to myself, that’s what I should do. Well, months passed and I noticed that many of the school’s parents and teachers were attending this workout group called Faithfully Fit. Out of curiosity I looked into it. I found that it was a combination of a Christian support group with exercise! I thought this is a perfect fit for me. I was going through some personal issues and needed to get myself focused and in a better place. Thankfully, I joined the group! I became involved with multiple classes and met some of the most extraordinary women. Lori was always a vocal cheerleader. Her business that she dreamed of and put together from the ground up changed my life. She was instrumental in the positive and non judgmental environment for women of faith. I feel blessed to have been a part of such a great family!!!


~ Connie Longstreet

I reached out to Lori to help me get a jump start on taking care of me. Lori has an incredible amount of energy and cares. She really helped me refocus my energy to taking care of me. I was in a place where I needed to fall in love with me. As a women, wife, mother, daughter, sister I found myself taking care of everyone else around me and not taking care of me. With Lori I started taking time out for me. I had scheduled “me” time by way of her great workouts. Many times I drug myself to the corner of the house to do my workout but ALWAYS found a great place to be when that workout was over. Lori gave me a path to care about me. THANK YOU!


~ Lidia Champion-Peterson

The coaching I have received from Lori has been life altering for me. When I approached her about the possibility of signing up, I was in a rut, stuck, and not moving anywhere in many aspects of my life. I was DEFINITELY out of balance. The simple weekly tools that Lori walked me through helped me break down some major roadblocks in my life. I gained motivation, some self esteem, and a clearer, more balanced psyche to help battle the things in my life that were sticking me in my place. Simply put, I was able to get out of my own way! The best part? She just gave me the tools and told me I can do anything I put my mind too, and I accomplished the rest! Sometimes all you need is a little guidance and some kind words to get moving, and Lori cheered me on the whole way. I'm thankful I reached out eight weeks ago and I'm not looking back!


~Melissa Moran-Guillen

When I started working out in a gym, Lori immediately clicked for me as a coach. She was full of energy and positivity, and really made me want to push HARD to my full potential…and beyond! Lori went way above and beyond when covid hit, by forming a group to help us all stay accountable and positive in a tough environment. She gave us physical challenges. Mental challenges. Fun challenges. Ways to stay active and engaged with a community when we had to minimize physical interactions. It was PHENONEMAL! She continuously reached out to push, help, and listen. I would not have cross the Pikes Peak Marathon finish line without her motivational pushes during an exceedingly difficult time. It is obvious that Lori cares for people and has a special way of reaching out to them and helping identify what they need as an individual to be successful as they pursue their goals!


~ Colleen Boyarko

Lori, Thanks for always having a positive vibe when we walked through the doors. I appreciated your attention to detail and always pushing me to be better/stronger. Even though some days were tougher than others (as a coach) you never failed to have a smile and face the challenges of the day.


~Kiana Geditz

As my coach, Lori brought joy and motivation to each and every class. She went out of her way to get to know the members. She inspired me to reach my potential. Lori created a sense of accountability. She is such a genuine person and shared her struggles and inspired us to overcome our struggles, but also reminded us that we all go through things in our life. Lori is truly an amazing coach who cares about each person she encounters.


~ Susan Byrd

Lori was a great coach, always supportive and always pushing me past my comfort zone. I became much more confident about my body and overall just felt better! Lori is an amazing coach and friend, I definitely miss our time together!


~ Josie Strickland

I met Lori back in 2013 when I decided to join her WOW program that she was just launching in Florida. I found myself with a group of fabulous women, like minded, and incredibly supportive of each other. All of that was led and made possible by Lori who created a positive environment, challenging women to be their best selves. She always proved to us that we could do what we thought we couldn’t, showed us how far our bodies could go, and made us feel incredible after each class. Lori believes in supporting and encouraging women to reach their best potential. She has made a huge impact in every single ones of the ladies that were part of her program.


~ Emeline Fort

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