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W.O.W. Women on Weights ® Online
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  • 12 Week Program

  • 3 Stength Training Workouts (1 hour) a week

  • Cardio Options available

  • Printable Files of the Workouts Videos show all details of the workout and how to complete it

  • A coach with over 18 Years experience in fitness and specializes in Women Weight Training

  • Nutrition Guidance, Food Logging, Recipes and Habit Tracking

  • Support/Accountability from others doing the program

  • Check Ins with Coach Lori


Equipment Needed:

  • Dumbbells (recommend 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs to start)

  • Mini Bands (light, medium, heavy)

  • TRX or generic version (not required, I will give options if you don't have it!)



  •  12 Week Program: $397 (payment options available)


W.O.W. Women on Weights®

I created my program W.O.W. (Women on Weights) over 8 years ago because I knew there was a need for women to lift weights. It is so important for your overall health to add strength only days to your routine, to build long lean muscle, strengthen your bones, feel stronger, empowered, and torch those calories even at rest! Safety and efficiency are top priority in these sessions!

Think about this: Cardio burns now. Resistance training burns tomorrow, next week, next year, forever....

Stop running for hours and starving yourself. That will result is weight loss but what happens next year?

You plateau and can’t lose anymore. Why? Because You didn’t prepare for the future because you were impatient.

Lifting a challenging weight with an appropriate tempo will activate the most amount of muscle fibers which will give you the highest calorie burn, more than any calorie counter can estimate. Those muscle fibers will now require extra calories tomorrow in order to repair. When those muscle fibers repair and become bigger and stronger (over time), they will now require more calories on a daily basis to maintain. On top of all of that, you will burn more calories in your next workout!

That is why strength training will make you more successful at losing and maintaining your weight in the future. The cardio will help you today but without strength training, you will not reach your full potential when considering your health and body composition. 

Start focusing on the future. Be patient with your results. Lift today and be healthier tomorrow.

Is this you?:

  • I want to feel empowered and to FEEL healthy for myself and then in turn for others.

  • I know weight training is very important for women but I need someone to push me, help me with form, encourage me to lift heavier and help me prove that I am stronger than I think!

  • I like the idea of being able to work out in the comfort of my own home, with my own equipment , but also have to be accountable to a coach and a group who is walking with me thru this journey and helping LIVE.

  • My schedule and life is so busy but I know I can dedicate two hours a week to giving my body what it needs. I know that giving myself this very small amount of time will make a huge difference.


If this is you, then, let’s take on this amazing journey together. Women need strength training, community, and support! LET'S DO THIS!

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