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W.O.W. Women On Weights® Virtual On Demand Program

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Are you not seeing any improvement in your strength, body composition, or energy levels even though you have a regular exercise regime? Are you seeing an increase in belly fat and your quality of sleep deteriorating? Is you nutrition ok, but you are backloading your day (get most of your food at night since your day is so hectic)? Do you have no idea how to time your meals/fuel (throughout the day, before and after Workouts)? Do you not know how much to workout (or what to do) and how much to rest and recover? You are absolutely not alone!! I’ve got your back and with my New and Improved Women on Women on Weights Program! You can rock this journey and feel so much better in the end!! Here is what is included: -2 Full Body Weight Training (hour long) sessions a week (On Demand Anywhere/ Anytime)! Just wait till you see the new and improved workouts!! -Cardio plan and full workouts for days not weight training -Nutrition Guidance, when to eat (nutrition timing), how much to eat, what to eat -Stability, core strength, and mobility -Help with your mental game, by providing group support, and of course support/accountability/guidance from me, your coach! Let's do this!!

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W.O.W. Virtual, $95.00/month

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W.O.W. Women On Weights® Virtual On Demand Program

W.O.W. Women On Weights® Virtual On Demand Program

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