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Weight Training and Joint Pain!

Why am I so passionate about weight training?? What if I told that I have not only witnessed women (and men) get stronger and more confident, but I have heard from so many that had joint issues (knees, lower back, elbows, etc), and those that have recovered from a surgery, have less pain in those areas than they have in years!!!

There is nothing that gives me goosebumps more than to know that their hard work and dedication to lifting efficiently and effectively helps them with a better quality of life EVERYDAY!! So many think that chronic pain is a life sentence, and so many have been shown that is doesn't have to be!

I personally used to have chronic back pain herniated disk L4 L5, knee issues, wrist pain. Our body wants to move, our body wants to heal, our muscles want to be stronger to support our joints, our joints want to get stronger thru weight training (of course after a doctor has given you the go ahead to do so). It is such a beautiful thing!!

I want EVERYONE to know . Let's do this!!!

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