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W.O.W. Women on Weights® Black Friday Special!!

I have some exciting news!! I am doing a special offer for my W.O.W. Women on Weights® VIRTUAL program starting the week of November 30th. If everyone else can have a BLACK FRIDAY Special, so can I. Are you ready??

If you sign up from now until 8pm on Black Friday 11/27, you will get a bonus class each week!!! That means you will get the two strength training classes (what normally comes with the program) and one class of HIIT training. HIIT is the perfect combination with strength training and you will get to see even more benefits! A chance to workout that heart muscle and build more endurance/speed.

The best part, is no additional cost to the program. So, here is what you get:

8 Week Program: -Pre and post measurements and assessments to see your progress -Weekly nutrition and challenges to help get in what you need -A community of like minded women to encourage and support, like seriously, you won't find a better group of women!! -A Coach who specializes in weight training for women and has been a coach for over 17 years helping 1,000's reach their goals -Two hour long LIVE Weight Training classes per week, where your coach insure you are doing proper form efficiently and effectively -One 30min to 60 minute HIIT Training Workout -New innovative and researched programming, so you don't plateau or ever get bored - Lots and lots of bad jokes (I get my dry humor from my dad) -And so much fun!! While getting your butt whooped and being the absolute healthiest and best version of yourself!!

Let me know if you want more information on this!! This offer is only good until 8pm Friday 11/27! Let's do this!! Merry Christmas, by giving the gift of HEALTH!!!

Here is the link to sign up, make sure you scroll down to see all time slots!

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