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W.O.W Women On Weights®

Hey everyone, I am getting several questions about my W.O.W. Women on Weights® VIRTUAL Live Program starting the week of January 25th!!

This program has been going strong for over 8 years and now that it is virtual you can do it from ANYWHERE (we now have clients all over the world)!! Strength training is a very important part of your routine and it's benefits are more than you may know! Physically, mentally and emotional you will be stronger! There is NOTHING more empowering!

This is program is for the very beginner to the very advanced, I cater to your fitness needs, the groups are small, and I can verify that you are lifting safely, efficiently, and effectively (3lb weights are not going to cut it, your purse weighs more than

Times Available Are (please note they are all Mountain Standard times, recordings are available):

Tuesday/Thursday 5:00am (MST) 9:00am (MST) 4:30pm (MST) 5:30pm (MST)

More times can be added if demand is there!

Covid, gyms closing, mask wearing etc, don't need to hold you back from your health!! Let's do this!!!

Click here for more information (scroll down to Women on Weights) :

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