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Thank You!! And Screw You Covid!! Virtual Rocks!!

Covid has changed so many lives is so many ways!! Before Covid I would have never have thought that I would be a Virtual Fitness Coach. I would have thought that would never really work and that people want in person for more of a connection.

Well, Covid changed all that real quick. I remember almost a year ago when the world got shut down and me thinking what the heck do we all do now? I remember thinking what can I do to help in this situation. I am just one person, but I knew I needed to do something! I remember thinking that the gyms are closed , people are sad, no one gets to see anyone outside of their home, this is not going to be good mentally!! I remember thinking the one thing I know that has help me mentally throughout the years is exercise and that being taken away from others was just not an option!! I knew something had to be done!

This group was created, I had no idea what I was going to do but I do know that I was going to help keep people motivated and working out as much as possible and try to help keep their spirits high. I know so many depended on exercise to feel better in all aspects of their life and I knew that it would be very hard to be able to get it. Limited resources no gyms and everyone just lost on what the heck was happening, some losing jobs, some fearful of losing and some just not knowing at all what the future of their job would look like.

So, I thought to myself, I am just one person but I have a passion and that passion is one of my few strengths that I have. I felt like my purpose was to use whatever skills I was blessed with to help others during this time. I instantly started this group, we started doing challenges, I would go live with my daughter and we would do what we do best! Soon the group starting growing and growing the live videos were being watched by so many and I say this all the time, but this group helped me get thru that time just as much as it may have helped you. I not only showed up for you, but you all showed up for me and together we got thru one of scariest times we have had!

This all happened virtually! Some of us knew each other but as the group grew some were complete strangers with a common goal. We got thru that time together and we still encourage each other daily and help. I decided to start my WOW Program again which I had only done in person before, and thought why not give it a shot. I was nervous, I was hoping people would be ok not being in person, but I knew it would work, there was no other option in my opinion!

Today we have ladies in the WOW program and in my One on One Life Coaching sessions ,from all over the world!! Covid gave us all a common bond! Virtually we all get together weekly, we laugh, we encourage those that are having a bad day, we support each other, we look forward to the next time we get to be "together". We are all working toward common goals, doing everything we can to stay healthy and not letting Covid win!! Covid took so much from all of us and continues to do so, but it can't take away our passion. It can't take away our need for community, our need for movement of our bodies, our mental and emotional needs as well. We figured out a way to have all of that, even though

Covid tried to take it away. Virtual can be just as personal as in person training, and just as effective. A screen does not take away the fact that all of you rock!!!!

Once again, Covid took so much, but I am so thankful and feel so blessed for what it gave!! My clients/friends, and those of you that just follow this page and do the challenges and are encouraged etc, makes everything worth while!! We have got this and I know I tell you all the time, by I am thankful to each and every one of you, even the ones who may never even say a word in this group.

Thank you for supporting and believing in me to be a small piece in your healing and fitness journey!!

Thank you!!!!!

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