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There is nothing more exciting for a coach then when their clients tell them their results. No matter the change from beginning of the 8 weeks to the end, all of it should be celebrated. It is not just a matter of inches lost, assessments increasing, strength and endurance etc. But, it is how you feel emotionally as well! How does taking one hour a week for yourself change your life? Do you feel more confident? Do you feel empowered? Can you pick up the dog food at Sams :), are your kids seeing a better happier healthier version of you? Is your spouse or significant other noticing changes in your mood, your happiness? Are you friends noticing changes and you are inspiring them to make them too?

There are so many things that can mean RESULTS and it is all a part of this amazing journey! I did want to share some serious encouragement to you all with a few of my clients results. These are the physical results they saw from 8 weeks of WOW strength training and it is pretty dang exciting, but again the emotional and mental ones are even better!

Melissa lost 5.5 inches and went up 20 reps on her assessments (that is huge). Lestine lost 6 inches! Tara lost 6 inches, Kathleen lost 15.5 inches (yep, you heard that right), and Cindy lost 16 inches and went up on her assessments big time.

These are all very exciting changes and just a few of the results that have come in!! I will soon be chatting with some of these ladies to share their story and help encourage others. Stay tuned to that!

Making a change in your life can change your life!! Let's do this

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