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Restore and Recover!!! (The Importance of Stretching and Foam Rolling)

Why is restoring and helping the body recover such an important part of your fitness journey? Keep reading for more on why you should be doing this weekly to get full benefit for your body!

I am starting a new class on Sunday's called Restore and Recover. So many of us go all week put stress on our body/mind whether is be working out intensly all week, working at your stressful job, sitting at your computer, taking care of your kids, and just living life. We don't take the time to let our body fully recover and restore for everything we put it thru during the week. Take 1 hour a week to treat your body and you will find that you will be able to take on the next week even stronger!!

What is the importance of Restoring the body with stretching and breathing?

-Helps with injuries, muscle tightness, and releasing lactic acid

-Decrease your risk of injuries

-Improves muscle performance during activities

-Helps with the aches and pains you can feel throughout the week that you mostly just push thru

-Helps you to turn of your brain for a little while and be in the moment, not thinking about everythying that needs done etc

-Can help to reduce blood pressure

-Just feels dang good!! Once you are done you will feel so refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on the week!!

What is the importance of Restoring the body with foam rolling?

-It allevitates soreness

-Reduces Inflamation that occurs during the muscle repair process

-Helps with injury prevetion by maintaining muscle length and helping with tension and tightness

-Increases blood flow and elacsticity of muscle tissue, joints, fascia

-Promotes relaxation!

Put these two together and you will have Restore and Recover and feel absolutely amazing after class! So many of us know how to push our bodies hard and push thru pain and stress etc. But, now is the time to learn how to relax, let our bodies recover, and help our bodies last for the long haul. Staying fit and healthy for as long as we possibly can!

So important! Let me know if you have any questions or for those of you that aren't local to Colorado Springs, let me know if you need ideas of what to do and I am more than happy to help!


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