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Real Quotes From Real Women ;)

I get goosebumps EVERY 8 Weeks!! Why you ask (even if you didn't ask I am still going to answer, because that is how I roll)? Because it is Assessment week for the WOW Women on Weights® Program and I am so proud of EVERYONE'S hard work throughout the 8 Weeks, and the fact that they see and feel the difference too!

Here are just some of the things I have heard this week, and I am fired up for all of these ladies:

"When I started 8 Weeks ago, I was completely week in my upper body, could barely even do a push up, now I am doing pushups and adding increasing my weight in other areas"

"I LOVE results! I lost 7.25 inches and add over 100 reps to my assessments"

"I doubled almost all of my reps, my knees have more flexibility, lost 6 pounds, and lost at least an inch in each area"

"I feel good about my increased reps over the last 8 weeks, I have noticed my knees don't scream at me as much"

"At the begining of the 8 Weeks, one squat or lunge would hurt so bad, now I can do them with no pain and better form"

"I feel STRONGER, I can now do a burpee without falling over and even going to my knees once"

" I have learned to love weights through this program! I like to see the progress and to see more muscle"

" I was always fearful of weights, prograblay because I wasn't comfortable on my own. Having you teach me form has made me confident in myself to "Kinda" love it"

" I feel pretty good and kinda proud of myself. I have never loved weights. However I am learning to like (or just push thru the dislike)them twice a week at least. It is out of my comfort zone but I keep trying"

" I feel much stronger even though my numbers aren't as impressive as some others. I have definetly noticed my daily activities are easier-yard work, carrying things and not being out of breath. I am not afraid of weights anymore"

Now do you see why I get goosebumps and grin from ear to ear?? Weight training can do so many things for you and will continue to help you the rest of your life. I am so passionate about this and wish for EVERY women to feel amazing.

Let's do this!!!

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