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OneLife 5K Run/Walk and Brunch

***OneLife 5K Run/Walk Brunch official details***

*Make sure you have registered and gotten a ticket for the 5K here:

*Make sure you have signed up for food you are bringing to the race here: , if you haven't done so already please let me know and I will send the link to do so!

*Shirts have been ordered, you can still join the race at this time, but will not be able to order a shirt

*Race Starts at 8:00am (promptly) 4/10/22, please come between 7:30am and 7:45 to drop off food, prepare for race and be at the start line by 7:50am.

*Below is the map of the race and where you will be going (this will be updated in more detail before the race). We will be running/walking counterclockwise for the 3.1 miles ending back where we start. It's a loop not an out and back. This is a beautiful wide path with great views and very few places where you have to cross a street etc. There will be rolling hills, but we live in the springs and that is expected.

*Below are some of the medals that will be won. Here are the categories. You will need to make sure that you have a watch to time yourself for this race. But, it isn't only about who wins! If this is your 1st 5K Ever, you will get a medal as well!! Completing your first official 5K is a big deal and something to be celebrated. Also, make sure you time yourself because I will be having another race in 3 months or so and you can see your progress! I want this to be so much more than who is the fastest (but you will be rewarded too of It's about commitment, setting your mind to something and accomplishing it, and then knowing that you have an opportunity to see improvement!!

-1st, 2nd, 3rd Place= 18 and under

-1st, 2nd, 3rd Place= 19 to 45

-1st, 2nd, 3rd Place= 46+

1st 5K Ever= Get's a medal

We will be cheering each other on and encouraging one another along the way. Then we all come back and meet and have some amazing food!

Can't wait to see everyone on the 10th!! Going to be a blast!

P.S. There is still opportunity for you to sign up for the race here:

You just won't be able to get a shirt.

Let's rock this race!!

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