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New Challenge Start September 12th 2022

Ok! Here's the Deal!!

It is September, kids are back to school, schedules are being set, temperature is changing and now is the time to start GREAT habits!! My 8 Week Challenge will help you do just that!! The BEST PART, is you can win the money in the pot!! This is a challenge I have done 3 times already and everyone loves it and the winners can take home some serious cash.

Here are the rules:

Cost: $25 Buy In (Winner takes the pot), we may have more than one winner depending on size of pot etc.

Start Date: September 12th, 2022 (Yes, that is this Monday, you can totally rock it, just commit)

Everything you do in this challenge is worth points, so everyone has so many opportunites to win!! That is the beauty of it. You may not lose the most inches, but you are more consistent daily, or you may not get all the workouts in but you get all the abs and water. So many ways to win and everyone has an amazing chance to do so!!

You get points for:

Inches Lost: 1 Point Per Inch

Assessments Increased: 1 Point Each Increase for:



Sit Ups


30 Minute Workout (max 4 per week, for credit): 1 Point Per Day

5 Minutes of Abs a day :1 Point Per Day

80oz of Water Drank: 1 Point Per Day

3 Servings of Vegetables: 1 Point Per Day

I will give you details on how to do everything and also provide the tracker for you to track everything!! Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Let's do this!! Coach Lori Castellini OneLife Coaching and Wellness

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