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I Found "ME" Again!!

Today I am so thankful that I found "ME" again. ...

The goofy girl who talks a lot when motivating, the one who laughs a lot while pushing people to their limits (even though my laugh my be annoying to some), the one who makes mistakes ALL the time and is the furthest from perfect, the one who cares about connection more than the results my clients achieve, the one who isn't the strongest, the fittest, the most beautiful, the one who complains about how sore I am, how much that workout hurt, exercises I don't like etc. That is ME!!

Here is how I know that I found me again... I have been able to be 100% me all my flaws and all, and still get messages in my inbox about how I am changing someone's life, how they are thankful they met me, and that I could be joy and comfort when they needed it the most. (Give me a second to wipe my tears)

Because when you are yourself and the right people find you and appreciate you, it is pure magic!

I will never be liked by everyone (kind of like, not everyone likes peaches). But, to the right people i am loved. What more could I ask for??

I have found "ME" again, and man, I like her .

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