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I am Too Old, it's Too Late, Being Healthy is Just Not in My Cards

So, today I went and had a health screening done that is required for our insurance etc. After the nurse took all of the blood pressure, Triglycerides, glucose, BMI, weight, height, waste measurements, cholesterol, etc, she said, "wow girl, you are amazing, I wish I had numbers even close to yours".

I explained that I have been a fitness/life coach for over 17 years and how I realized back then how important being healthy and living the best life that I can, can be. She told me that she is already 53 years old and has had 6 kids so she is past the point of being able to be as healthy as she wants to be. She said she knows she is a nurse and knows what needs to be done to get healthy, but she truly doesn't know where to start or if it is even doable at "her age".

She also told me that doing what she does, she sees most people in her same boat, where she has to give them not so good results, where they truly need to make new life choices or they things will get worse and worse. At that moment I looked over to another gentlemen who appeared to be getting his results as well and he had his hand at is forehead and just kept shaking his head as the nurse explained his results. He didn't look surprised, but he did look defeated!

This prompted me to tell the nurse the same thing that I want to share with all of you now!! It is NEVER too late to change your health!! It is never too late to start today and make a change in your life for the best! No matter what your health screening, doctor, YOU, say today is a new day and day where you can make a change. You do not need to start at 100 miles an hour and do everything all at once. Not only will that be overwhelming, but it will also be unsustainable. You can create small habits that lead to more habits and pretty soon you start seeing this amazing change. You can feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically! There is no expiration date on health and the day to start is TODAY!!

Do not settle for what has always been, do not settle for excuses we come up with in our mind (I'm too busy, I'm too old, I've never done it before, I've tried so many times and failed etc). These are things that our thoughts/lies our mind tells us, so we are afraid to change or just don't have any idea where to even start! It is ok to feel this way, but it is not ok to not do anything about it.

No matter where you are right now, you can live a healthier more fulfilling life! You truly have to want it or at least have someone if your corner who wants to help you get there. You have One Life, that is one chance to feel your best and it is never too late to get there!! I promise you!! Slow and steady will win this race we call life and you CAN get there.

You know (or at least can talk to people who know me) that I am here to help you get there and have dedicated a good majority of my life to helping others get there too!! I would love to walk along side you, in this journey if you want someone in your corner. Someone who is outside of your inner circle, who cares about you enough to make you accountable and motivated. Someone who will get goosebumps EVERY time you tell me about a win. Someone who will not beat you up if you didn't have a win, but will help you figure out why and what maybe to do next time. I am I Life Coach/Health and Fitness Coach, and my passion is for you to go to that Health Screening and come out with a smile on your face!! You have totally got this!!

My One on One and Group Coaching Program will be starting November 2nd. Message me for details, or sign up here for a FREE 60 minute consultation:

We have totally got this!!! I can't wait to get goosebumps from your WINS!!!

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