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Holiday Challenge Start 11/8 Don't miss it!!~

Ok everyone, I have been working my tail off to bring you The 8 Week, 100 Rep, Holiday Fitness Challenge!!

This challenge is complete with a video from me each day showing you how to do each exercise! Here is the best part, I will give options for the VERY beginner to the VERY advanced so EVERYONE can do this challenge!! It is complete with rest days and you have the entire day to get your reps in!!

This is going to be an amazing way to stay motivated this next couple of months, and rock in the new year! You will enter and put $10 in the pot, everyone who finishes the challenge has a chance to win the entire pot! That will be announced at the end of the challenge!

You know you have been thinking about it! What have you got to lose? There is way too much to gain!! Let's do this!

Here is the link to sign up:

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