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Get Ready for the Nutrition Challenge

Ok, I just had a meeting with Certified Sports Nutritionist Dianna Lee! We have come up with an AWESOME Nutrition Challenge for the next 8 week Session of Women on Weights Virtual and In Person Partner Training!

Here's what's coming:

Each week Dianna will be sending a video out for the nutrition challenge that week, she will be talking about water, protein, carbs, fat, fiber, healthy snacks, consistency, moderation, so much good information! Every week you will be challenged to try what she recommends and work hard to reach your goals!

Everything you do can be put in a tracker that we will have set up for you so you can track your progress and get points each day for implementing these ideas.

At the end of the 8 Weeks everyone who completes this challenge and puts it in the tracker, will be put in a drawing to win a FREE 30 Minute One on One Question and Answer session with Dianna! Ask all the questions you have and get her undivided attention and help! The best part is she will take 3 Winners!! So you have three chances to win the prize!!

We are so very excited to be partnering together to help you live your healthiest happiest life! Now you not only will have the workouts to challenge and change you, now you have even more of the nutrition peice to help you be even more successful in this journey! Weight training and Nutrition! LOVE IT!

Stay tuned for an introduction and bio from Dianna coming soon, so you can get to know her a little better!! Let's do this!!

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