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Exciting time for WOW ;)

W.O.W. is 9+ years old and 4 years ago I got it trademarked . Pretty happy day!

W.O.W. started off in Pueblo Colorado, survived a move across the country to Panama City Florida (where I started from scratch with clients), to creating my own fitness business and starting W.OW. again (almost like starting over), to Hurricane Michael that wiped out my gym, EVERYTHING!

Now, back in Colorado (Colorado Springs) started over once again and is now VIRTUAL as well, and is bigger and better than ever .

So thankful to those that took a chance on me and my training and work so hard to achieve their goals!

W.O.W. can make it thru anything . Woohoo!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me thru it all or any part of this journey! I love what I do!!!

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