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Did you know that I have a Private Gym for you to train in?

Check out all of the equipment I have to offer you and the amenities of an in person training experience! My goal is always to have the most beneficial equipment to make all of your goals attainable. I want to have a comfortable/private environment for you to get the most out of each workout you do! I am thankful that I have the ability to be able to offer this space and love sharing it with others.

Here is a list of most of the equipment and amenities offered:

Gym Equipment:

Women and men's barbell

Curl Bar

Mini Bands

Resistance Bands

Multi Functional Step

Squat Rack

Bench Press

Weight Bench

Metal Weight Plates

Pull Up Bar

Cable Machine with several attachments

Suspension Trainer

Full Wall Mirror

Dumbbells (ranging from 3lbs to 60lbs)

2.5 pound add on weights to place on dumbbells

Bosu Ball

Box for Box Jumps (3 different levels)

Agility Training Ladder, cones, jumprope, hurdles

Treadmill (commercial grade)

Gym Amenities:

Private Entrance into the gym Private Bathroom with Shower

Cold Bottled Water

Fresh Towels

Private Workout Area with door

Specialized Rubber Flooring

Music catered to your genre

Gym Cleaned and Sanitized Daily

Gym Sanitized after EVERY client

Check out some pics of the space:

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Pretty snazzy 😍

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