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Day #1 RESET/RESTART Challenge!

Are you ready to start the 7 day RESET/RESTART challenge!! This is a great way to end the summer with a fresh start, heading into fall!! Let's kick start our health, get on a great track, and rock this challenge!!

I promise this will make a change in your life for the better! Let's do this!!!

Everyone who completes this challenge gets put in a drawing for 2 free weeks of my Virtual Weight Training Program!! W.O.W!!

***Comment below when day one is done****

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Aileen Felder
Aileen Felder
Sep 07, 2021

Done yesterday and today 😀 and cold showers 🥶 🚿 brrr! 😄


Stephanie Starke
Stephanie Starke
Sep 06, 2021

Got it done today!! 🎉

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