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Brand New 8 Week WOW Women on Weights® Virtual Live Session Starts May 17th!!

Ok Everyone, are you ready for this?? The NEW 8 Week Session of my W.O.W. Women on Weights®LIVE VIRTUAL Program will be starting May 17th!! That is in T-Minus 13 Days!!!

What is W.O.W??

W.O.W. was created over 8 years ago because I knew there was a need for women to lift. It is so important for your overall health to add Strength only days to your routine, to build long lean muscle, strengthen your bones, feel stronger, empowered, and torch those calories even at rest! Safety and efficiency are top priority in these sessions!

Is this you??

-I want to feel empowered and to FEEL healthy for myself and then in turn for others.

-I know weight training is very important for women but I need someone to push me, help me with form, encourage me to lift heavier and help me prove that I am stronger than I think!

-I like the idea of being able to work out in the comfort of my own home, with my own equipment , but also have to be accountable to a coach and a group who is walking with me thru this journey and helping LIVE.

-My schedule and life is so busy but I know I can dedicate two hours a week to giving my body what it needs. I know that giving myself this very small amount of time will make a huge difference.

Time Slots Available:

5:00am (MST) Tuesday/Thursday 9:00am (MST) Tuesday/Thursday 4:30pm (MST) Tuesday/Thursday 5:30pm (MST) Tuesday/Thursday

Virtual Recordings Available anytime for YOUR Schedule, or if you miss a class!

What's all Included:

-2 Hour long Strength Training LIVE Zoom Sessions Per Week, LIVE guided trainings on proper form etc.

-Topics on Nutrition (Nutrition Challenge), Wellness, Self-care, Balance

-Unlimited Support, motivation, and accountability throughout the week from your coach and members of your class

-1 Bonus HIIT Workout a Week if signed up by deadline

- Nutrition Challenge Tracker

If you sign up by 5/10, you will get the FREE HIIT workouts included and let me tell you those are worth it. They are the perfect combination with strength training!

Let me know if you want more information and Let's Do This!!!!! Here is the link with all the information you need and where you sign up!!

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