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Are You Ready For This? Ready for Even More Ways to Rock this Fitness Journey?

Ok everyone, I am so VERY excited to announce that not only my New 8 Week Session of my LIVE VIRTUAL Women on Weights® Program will be starting the week of November 8th!! But, my newest program that is 18 years in the making will be ready to start November 1st!! So, you have two different ways to coach with me (actually 3 since I have in person as well for locals), and it just depends on the time that you have available, what way you learn best, and what will help you the most in this journey!! My goal is to reach as many women as possible and help them see the many benefits of Strength Training. To know that you can feel stronger in so many ways by adding this into your life and to keep you safe and training in the most effective way to yeild results!

The first program is my LIVE Virtual Women on Weights® Program where you do the workouts with me LIVE and others that are joining is as well via Zoom! This is a great way to get a step by step on how to do the exercises, have a time you need to show up, and have the support of others in the class to push you harder etc. It includes nutrition, and a group to help keep you accountable, and of couse support from me ;). You will get two weight training workouts a week and a bonus HIIT workout! The times available for this program are:

5:00am (MST) Tuesday/Thursday

9:00am (MST) Tuesday/Thursday

4:30pm (MST) Tuesday/Thursday

5:30pm (MST) Tuesday/Thursday

The Second Program is the W.O.W. Women on Weights® Virtual Academy! This program starts the week of November 1st. If you register by that time you will get the Founders Rate, after November 1st the rate will go up! This program will include, 2 hour long weight training workouts a week and 1 HIIT workout. You will be guided how to do each workout via video. There will be workout trackers to help keep you accoutable and nutrition guiding and tracking. You will also be able to chat with me with questions, concerns, etc, and you will have the support of others in the group!! I am very excited about this one and can't wait for you all to see what it is about! So many women have told me throughout the years about what they feel would help them be successful and being able to do it on their own time is one of the top things, plus accountability, motivation, proper guidance, etc!! Good Stuff!

If you would like more information on either of these programs, please comment or send me a message! Let me know ASAP! I take a limited amount of people for each program /time slot etc!!

Let's do this!!

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