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6 Week Challenge Starts Tomorrow 2/10! Still time to get in!

6 Week Challenge starts this Thursday, February 10th!!!

This is an incredible way to stay accountable, create new great habits, and have support and motivation from other. Plus, you can win some serious cash!!

$25 Buy in, winner takes the entire pot!

You will be challenged to do these things every day and when you do you will get a point:

-Workout 30 minutes + (maximum 4 workouts a week will count to make sure no one is over training to win)

-Do 5 minutes of abs

-Drink 80oz of water

-Eat 3 servings of vegetables

You will get a point for each thing each day you do it.

You will also take measurements and get a point for inches lost

Assessments ( you will start week one, set your timer for one minute and see how many of each exercise you can do in a minute)

Example: how many push-ups in 60 seconds etc

-Push ups -Squats -Sit-ups -Burpees

Then, you will reassess at the end and get as point for each increase.

So many different ways to make points, so everyone can be successful in this journey!!

If you want in, register here and I will advise how to make payment

This is my most popular challenge I do all year!! Can’t wait for you to try it!!

Register here:

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